Welcome to the dawning of a brighter future

We develop solutions to maximize EO value. From advanced optical payloads to advanced analytics, we're transforming EO data solutions and computing capabilities.

A pledge to excellence

A pledge to excellence

Our zeal for EO is matched only by our unyielding commitment to excellence.

From pixel to byte, we meticulously process every piece of data to ensure its accuracy, reliability, and integrity.

This dedication is fuelled by our aspiration to deliver information of the highest quality.

Redefining Standards with Optical Innovation

By introducing the first fleet of optical imaging satellites poised to redefine industry standards, KaleidEO looks to offer an unprecedented wealth of information. These satellites provide decision-makers, researchers, and businesses with rich data that empowers them to drive impactful outcomes.


Enhancing decision-making precision with sub-meter resolution capabilities.


The payload has the capability of covering an image with a 65km swath, expanding the user's perspective.

Edge Processing

Reducing the turn-around time of data down linking, KaleidEO processes the data at source, on the satellite, delivering insights on-demand.

Embark on the Journey

We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey as we explore the infinite possibilities of Earth Observation. Together, we can make a difference—nurturing our planet, fostering sustainable practices, and preserving the beauty of our world for generations to come.