The reason for our existence

Vertical integration


Risk Mitigation

Market Concentration >High Imagery Price

Low bargaining power of users, leading to price stickiness and lack of choices to replace suppliers.


Better Product Development

Appropriate Imagery Availability & quality

Delivery time and subsequent turn around time to meet critical SLAs.


Unique Positioning

End-to-end full stack space EO company

Cost efficiency in development / delivery of products and lowest risk option strategically, to gain market power over other analytics providers, address the inflexibility of the commercial EO markets.

What does it enable?

  • A scalable applications for infrastructure and utility sector
  • A Large-scale analytics driven high-resolution optical EO imagery
  • A Unique specifications enabling easy access for civilian applications
  • A First-of-its-Kind high-resolution EO satellite from Indian private space.

Features of Argus

  • A Fleet: Fleet of 4 micro-satellites
  • Large Swath & Hi-res: 65 km swath with a near-meter level resolution
  • Multiple Bands: 6 bands in multispectral Imaging in RGB+NIR, PAN & Red Edge
  • 1 Day Revisit: 1-day off-nadir revisit and 15 days at nadir
  • AI on the Edge: GPU/VPU accelerator-based onboard data processing
  • Payload mass: Payload mass is less than 40kg